Let’s celebrate German Unity Day!

 TAGS:German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is today and so it’s best we go filling our fridge with the most delicious delicacies that come from this land.

When planning my particularly German style celebration I find out that I am in doubt, because I do not know if going for a beer afternoon or a nice evening around a good selection of Riesling wines. I also do not rule out the possibility of including some proposals regarding apple cider or wine, so typical of this central European country as well.

Given the proximity of the Oktoberfest it would be nice to focus my attention on the beers, to warm up. Dark beer, white beer, pils … the options are too many and the afternoon of the 3rd of October has a limited amount of hours (and we have to get up early the next day), so I think that I will just focus on three proposals which will start by a Warsteiner tasting. I love this beer. I will serve it as a starter together with some pretzels accompanied by seasoned German sausages with curry sauce.

My next beer for the day will be an Erdinger, a Franziskaner or a Weihenstephaner Dunkel 20, because we cannot miss a wheat beer on this evening of celebration. It?s the perfect time to  start with the real food, something with authentic German flavor like Saxony loin or some kind of smoked poultry accompanied by sauerkraut. I cannot wait!

For the finishing touch, I will end the evening with a Urbock Eggenberger, although it really is unclear to me whether this beer is German or if it is Austrian, but its international recognition and high alcoholic content prompt me to want to try it for the first time on this Germanic inspiration day.

If at last I can resist this exciting beer offer, I could not expect less from Germany, and I decide to celebrate the national day of the country with wine, I will for sure buy Riesling. I still wonder if I will go by some from the Rhein area like Tower Classic Black or Blue Nun (which also exists in its low alcohol content version, with only 0.5%), or if I will choose some Mosel white wine, like Dr. Loosen.

Whatever my choice is I already know that I will have it together with a delicious plate of fish such as herring or smoked eel, with potatoes and, of course, a few shots of schnapps to finish the day and ensure a proper digestion.

 Let’s go to Germany! You’ll feel as a typical “deutsch” with this drinks:


Warsteiner, the most selled german beer all over the qorld.



 TAGS:Blue Nun Riesling 2009Blue Nun Riesling 2009

Blue Nun Riesling 2009, an excelent riesling at a great prize

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