Large winemaker groups in Spain

 TAGS:Spain is becoming internationally more and more known for its wines. It was about time. This is always good news, especially when you consider the high quality that prevails in most wine regions of this country. There may be who gets surprised to know that Spanish wines have always been until recently virtually unknown out of its borders. Even in some European regions, Spanish wines were in the shadow of others coming from Italy or France, for example.

The export subsidies, the business focus of our winemakers and the concept of business a little more marketing-oriented, are opening the door for many of the Spanish wines in other countries.

As in everything there is who already has an advantage: the advantage of size and experience which is a lot. These privileged are the large winemaker groups in Spain. Their borderless nature is shown in small details like labels, colors, symbols, names. But it is also evident from their strategic actions, which are not possible for everyone.

We are talking about Felix Solís, García Carrión, Telmo Rodriguez or Jorge Ordóñez & Co. (Orowines) who, exporting million liters of wine per year, contribute to expand the Spain brand far from its borders.

One of the characteristics they have in common is the variety and therefore they do not focus on a single designation of origin, but generally have their production in several different. That fact helps them to hit more and better with the preferences of the country of destination, the final client.

It is also true that although reaching the public, they are not always to everyone’s liking. Precisely because of their distribution method: hypermarkets generally, where the client is usually not (although it may be) a wine expert, but rather someone who will look for a good wine offer or an affordable wine from a particular region.

The sheer volume of their production and their distribution channels tallow them to offer much lower prices than any other winery can (though they also offer mid- high range wines in some cases).

The question is, that increasing the Spanish wines popularity in the international markets is very good, but from my point of view, it would be even better if in those other countries they would also have the chance to know other wines: more elaborate, more personal, from smaller wineries, with their history and their particular character. That would provide the consumer with a totally different point of view about Spanish wines.

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