Kosher wine

by danielacaruso

Kosher wine makes the difference. If you have already seen this label on a wine then you have experienced it as a different wine for sure. Actually it is a different wine but not because of its taste but because of the way in which it is produced and the importance of the production for so many people. Today I want to inform you about kosher wine.

Kosher is a hebrew word which means “pure” and kosher wine is the only wine accepted by judaism. To be taken into consideration and to be consumed,  a series of principles based on jewish tradition have to be fulfilled.

These principle start on the vineyard as kosher wine has to be controlled by a special person in judaism from the beginning.

The vineyards have to grow alone without being supervised and one has to wait for 4 years before starting with the wine production. The only allowed tasks are ecological ones , for example fertilizing and even those have special limits. Every 7 years the soul has to rest.

Regarding the wine cellars, a rabbi has to control the preparation and the hygiene of the machines used. Only a jewish person is allowed to touch the grapes and press them to elaborate wine. Once the harvest is over, grapes have to be well chosen because only whole grapes can be transformed into a kosher wine.

Kosher wine means “pure wine” and that’s the reason why the grape has to be entire and perfect, because nothing should be mixed with the wine. That’s also the reason why it is produced in warehouses of stainless steel. Wooden barrels are not used, neither should there be added substances to favour the fermentation apart from a special lime when lighting it up.

The purity of the wine is guaranteed by the fact that no one who is not jewish got in contact with kosher wine during its preparation. Also the enologists – if they are not jewish- have to work on selected samples rather than directly on the field. Once work is done and the wine is filled into the bottles, the cellar has to sell 1% to the poor. After that the wine gets the acceptance from the rabbi and is called “kosher wine”.

A kosher wine is not kosher anymore if it was touched by a non jewish person because then it looses its sacred condition.

Kosher wines are concentrated wines with a classic taste. This is normal as they don’t undergo new technological processes. If they are consumed in the same year they are strong, concentrated and fruity and very diferent because of the influence of different varieties and the country of origin, compared to the end result.

In Spain kosher wine got famous thanks to the wine cellar Celler de Capcanes that produces one of the most famous kosher wines and because of its big success it is also produced in Navarra, Jerez, Utiel-Requena, Penedés, Valdeorras, Ribera de Júcar and Madrid

Are you curious and wish to discover kosher wine? Kosher wine has a limited market and therefore is not that easy to find. There are two cellars who produce it. We recommend you two kosher wines:

 TAGS:Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha'abib Kosher 2009Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha’abib Kosher 2009

Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha’abib Kosher 2009 comes from Catalonia respecting jewish tradition

 TAGS:Château de Valandraud Kosher 2003Château de Valandraud Kosher 2003

Château de Valandraud Kosher 2003

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