Italian Vermouths : The most famous ones

 TAGS:The vermouth, a family member of the German absinthe, is a liqueur made from white wine and absinthe, served as an appetizer. The vermouth was born in the city of Turin in 1700 and has not stopped to please the most refined palates in the world since then.

The vermouth can be dry white, from France or red and sweet, from Italy. From the late eighteenth century, the brothers Luigi and Giuseppe Cora started to industrialize the preparation of Vermouth.  

Italian vermouth comprises over 40 herbal extracts, roots, flowers, spices and fruit essences. They are mixed with alcohol in a container, two turns a day for a period of two weeks and after that the wine and sugar are added.

Among the most successful Italian vermouth worldwide it is necessary to talk about Campari, a drink created in 1860 in Milan, owned by the Campari Group. It has spread around the world thanks to a strong advertising campaign with big movie stars and with its characteristic red icon. It is refreshing on the palate; it is now produced in Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

Another popular brand is Cinzano Vermouth, created in Turin by the Cinzano family since the sixteenth century, who made wine and acquired a license to distill brandy. In 1757, returning from the University of Torino, the Licor Confectioners Carlos Stefano and John James Cinzano start to open market business everywhere. In the late eighteenth century the red vermouth was created and manage to make history worldwide. In 1999 Cinzano is acquired by the Campari Group.

There are different presentations: Cinzano Rosso is the traditional presentation of vermouth, Cinzano Bianco, whiter and drier than rosso, the Cinzano Extra Dry, a slightly spicy dry vermouth or Cinzano Rosé, with a pinkish exquisite taste of roses, among others.

Cinzano also has a number of fizzy drinks as Gran Cinzano, Muscat made from white Trebbiano, Chardonnay or Pinot Cinzano sparkling wine made from Pinot and Chardonnay, and others.

Other vermouth Italian of great importance are the Montana Perucchi and Martini & Rossi, the starter probably is nice to share with family and friends, is that it is perfect while enjoying the more interesting chats. Reminds to serve it cold with some ice and soda.

 TAGS:Vermouth Perucchi Gran Reserva 1LVermouth Perucchi Gran Reserva 1L

Vermouth Perucchi Gran Reserva 1L



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Cinzano Rosso 1L

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