Is it better to serve wine at night?


Serve wine at the best conditions can now depend on new factors. Such as light and sound, according to Oxford scientists. In the coming months the University of Oxford and Campo Viejo winery will test the impact of light and sound on the taste of wine.

For this experiment, at the Southbank Festival in London, thousands of people will be invited to enter the lab colors of Professor Charles Spence of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. In this lab, they will be invited to drink in different glasses, some completely black, others exposed to light and sound. Campo Viejo Color Lab opens the Southbank in London on May 2 and runs through May 5.

Spence believes that the findings could influence the labeling of wines in the future. “Drink while listening to classical music” or “better served in the evening”

Spence, for The Telegraph:

“We ‘ve all been in this situation where you bring a bottle of wine back from vacation . You are eager to open it with friends. Yet it does not have quite the same taste as you remembered.”

“Of course, wine is always the same. The only thing that has changed is the environment. So if you want to enjoy your holiday wine, you must recreate as much as possible the initial environment. You may will have to wait for a sunny afternoon or a warm summer night. Change the music that recreates the atmosphere. Everything will help you get the flavor you remember.»

In a previous study from the University of Oxford, where experienced tasters tasted champagne in black glasses, they struggled to make the difference between sparkling wine and a cheap bottle of expensive champagne.

The results of this new study, commissioned by Campo Viejo, will be published by Professor Spence. But he can already say that the findings could lead to the end of the traditional sommelier: “I think the results of our study extend to restaurants and bars. They will reconsider the color of tablecloths, glassware, cutlery and even the color of the pictures on the walls. “

Today, we recommend two Campo Viejo to be tastes in the dark 😉

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