Ideas to combine wine and cheese for Christmas

by unshel

The combination of wine and cheese are becoming very popular. They allow us to marry flavors between wines, preferably white, but also with certain types of young red wines, and cheese of all tastes. So, why not to include a cheese table for your Christmas appetisers? You’ll succeed if you pair them with a good wine.

These days, the highest quality cheeses are combined with wines. Due to reputation and also with the help of experts, both sommeliers and professional tasters. In this case, and praising the Swiss cheeses, the sommelier and collaborator of the Bulli Foundation, Ferran Centelles, proposes a very special pairing. For example, Le Gruyère cheese is good to drink with Belgian white beer, because it is very soft. For The Emmentaler cheese, on the other hand, Ferran states that it is best to enjoy it with a classic chardonnay.

Centelles advises that the Etivaz cheese is successfully combined with Sauvignon of the Jura, in order to aspire to a better depth of flavors. Sbrinz cheese can be perfectly combined with a dolcetto wine from Piemonte.

The experts recommend eating the french cheeses such as brie combined with red wine, which can be a pinot noir or alsace, or other fruity and younger reds. And the roquefort? A strong cheese and blue like roquefort will need something to counteract these flavors to soften it. Then the port is good, sherry rather sweet, as well as decanted Malvasia wines from different regions of Spain.

The Italian gorgonzola has a recognizable strong flavor that identifies it. It can be sweet or spicy, so in this case, we will decant with slightly dry wines, dolcetto and even marsala wine.

Dutch cheeses are popular for cheese ball. But there are also other types like edam and gouda. For these wines, although somewhat different in textures, red fruity wines are recommended, and also some white wines, and rosé.

 TAGS:Prunotto Moscato D'Asti 2015Prunotto Moscato D’Asti 2015

Prunotto Moscato D’Asti 2015

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Enrico Serafino Moscato D’Asti Dolce 2015

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