Hugo: The Perfect Apéritif Cocktail For Spring

by Karin Mosca
Hugo apéritif cocktail

For those who don’t know it, Hugo is the most popular apéritif cocktail in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. It is also very popular in all of northeastern Italy and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Fresh, light and floral, it’s the perfect cocktail to welcome spring!

History of the Hugo Cocktail

According to various drinks magazines, Hugo has a relatively recent history. It was invented in 2005 by Roland Gruber, a barman from Naturno (Bolzano), as an alternative to the already famous Spritz. Others claim the origin of Hugo can be traced back to the end of the 1990s in a mountain refuge in Val di Fassa, Italy.

How to Prepare the Hugo Cocktail

Although the original recipe called for lemon balm syrup, the version made with elderflower syrup is the most popular, not least because elderflower syrup is easier to find. 

As you will see, making this cocktail is very easy.


  • 60 ml Prosecco
  • 60 ml soda water
  • 30ml  elderflower syrup
  • A few fresh mint leaves
  • Ice


  1. Place a few ice cubes in a large glass.
  2. Add the elderflower syrup, Prosecco and soda water.
  3. Stir and add a few mint leaves.

If you like, you can also add a lime or lemon wedge.

What to Pair With the Hugo Cocktail

Great accompaniment to a Hugo cocktail

Hugo is the perfect accompaniment to your spring and summer apéritifs and dinners thanks to its light alcohol content, floral aroma and refreshing taste.

Try it with fish, cold cuts and spicy snacks. It’s also perfect for dishes such as pesto pasta, pizza, paella and rice salad.

We also recommend local combinations with speck, Schüttelbrot, ricotta, mountain cheeses served with jams, horseradish cream sauce and Kaminwurzen.

Translated from Karin Mosca’s orginal Italian article by Chelsea Cummings.

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