How wine is

by Alberto Martínez

The world of wine is an exciting world, but many times, for the uninitiated, is complex and somehow confusing. Why are some wine’s grapes white and others red? How is wine made? How many different grapes are there?

Today we’re paying a video that we have collected from you tube that explains all this matters, in infographic form, everything there is to know about wine in 5 minutes. Believe us, it’s really instructive.

Now that you’ve seen the video, have you solved your questions? Have you learned anything? , sure you have. 

What you cannot learn is how does wine taste, because that is something you have to learn for yourself, tasting and trying new wines every time you have a chance, go ahead taste! 

Today we recommend 3 of the best rated wines by Uviners:

  • Viña Ardanza Selección Especial 2001: A great wine from Rioja. Only the best vintages are choosen to make this wine. Smooth, elegant, great to share with good friends.
  • Ossian 2007: A very special white wine. Made with Verdejo grapes from old vines, it mixes its salty flavours with a hints of oak. Only for white lovers.
  • Enate Rosado 2009: If you prefer a fresh, funny wine you must try this one. Enate Rosado 2009 is a rosé from Somontano, in spain. Enate is one of the top wineries and they shot their know-how with wines like this. Intense, fruity and perfect!

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