How to tell if a whisky is good (I)

by Marta Burgués

As far as whisky is concerned, there are a number of preferences both to choose and buy it and to be served and enjoyed, but since it never hurts to know what the experts say, these tips may be helpful distinguishing a good whisky and enjoying it.

Many people enjoy less the quality of whisky by mixing it with sugary sodas and they can not perceive the taste and characteristics of the beverage. In the words of Xavier Monclús, tasting instructor in Europe for Louis Vuitton Möet Mennesy Spain (LVMH), there are keys to differentiate and enjoy a good whisky.

  • Smell: When approaching the nose to whisky, it should not smell of alcohol excessively, avoiding to perceive the other characteristic aromas of the drink. In case of encountering a whisky with an exaggerated odor of alcohol, we can immediately identify its low quality, ?When we get to a whisky, first thing is to check its good alcoholic integration; it should not smell offensively of alcohol?, says Monclús.
  • Taste: As with the aroma, the taste of the first sip of whisky is what defines generally our perception. Regardless of its alcohol content, we should not feel anesthesia or irritation in the mouth because of alcohol. ?Although alcohol in mouth is more present than in the nose, we never have to feel anesthesia in the mouth by alcohol. If you drink a whisky and the presence of alcohol is so important that irritates and anesthetize your mouth, it means that you will no longer be able to enjoy the whisky?, says Monclús.
  • Price: While it is widely believed that the most expensive whiskies are better quality, having better reputation, it’s worth investing a little more to take home a single malt 10 to 12 years, instead of a blend. It is also important to take care of our health, so Monclús said: ?It is much better to drink little and very good rather than a lot and cheap. We only have one liver and, if it is possible, everything that enters our body must be of the highest quality. Bad products will bring us only troubles: liver problems and problems the next day?.

So, what is your favorite whisky? What will you recommend to us? Today we show you two must-try whiskies:

 TAGS:Jameson 1L

Jameson 1L

Ireland’s best known whiskey.

 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L

Scotland’s national bird, the Red Grouse, inspired the name of this whisky

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