How to serve sparkling wine


Sparkling wine is considered as one of the females? favorite drinks, just as one of the most ideal for important meetings. Sparkling wine like Champagne is bubbly and delicious when served at the ideal temperature, either as an aperitif or to accompany a dessert or dinner.

When serving a sparkling wine or cava you can always consider the best way to do it for maximum enjoyment. The ideal for serving champagne is between 7 and 12 degrees. Too cold the flavors you lost the aromas. The right way to take the cup is at the base and not by the body, this to avoid altering the temperature of the drink and thereby alter its flavor.

How to serve sparkling wine

Take the bottle to serve sparkling wine is one thing you should know to do correctly, foaming bottle has a slit at the base so you can place your thumb on this site and serve more slowly to ensure a sparkling results.

Sparkling Wine Tasting

When tasting a sparkling wine, champagne or other sparkling wine like Reymos, you must take into account the three phases of the experience.

  • The visual: is where you can see the bubbles called rosaries. The more of these, the best the drink. Consider the crown of foam that forms and the sparkling color by putting the glass on a white background.
  • Olfactory: In this phase you will appreciate the fruity notes in the wine in question, to do this you must not shake the cup but simply smell.
  • The palatability: In this phase of tasting one can appreciate the quality of the bubble and find out if it is creamy, gaseous or fine apart from corroborating the flavors on the palate.

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