How to pair craft beer

by Marta Burgués

In recent years, craft beers are living sweet moments while exploring a thousand flavours at once. Toasted, with bitter or a bit spicy flavours, pale or brown… Anyway craft beer must be paired correctly, and this isn’t always easy, especially for those beers we make at home.

For typical Arab or spicy foods, very strong, in which protagonists are vinegar or spices, are required pale and smooth beers, since we seeks to reduce this flavour force with the beer, fresher and rather traditional. For example, for these meals, the best pairing are beer such as pilsner or pale ale, many of which are German and Belgians.

While craft lager beers go well with Mediterranean flavours based on fish or seafood. Toasted and brown beers, which in their most traditional process offer much stronger and lasting flavours on the palate, can also be combined with some meats or stews. Dark pale ales are included here, among others.

Craft beers with bitter taste, among which we find from brown to toasted, and some pale ones, go well with smoked foods, chocolates, tasty desserts, cheese and some meats. A clear example is the Indian pale ale, increasingly known, of which we have already given some reference.

On the other hand, manchego cheese, for example, goes well with a triple fermentation Belgian craft beer. And some fish dishes are paired with smoked German beers. A type of craft beer that is also consumed with seafood, other European cheeses and sausages.

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