How to make homemade coffee liquor

by Marta

The DIY (do it yourself) is trend again also regarding alcoholic beverages. Although, of course, it will depend on what, because I cannot really picture us going out to check and look after our mini vineyard in the balcony as a previous step to elaborate a good vintage in our kitchen. We will leave the wine in all its varieties aside and focus on more affordable liquors according to our skills (Yes , we can!). To start with what do you think about making a homemade coffee liquor?

Although we are not Galicians with proper instructions we can manage to make our own coffee liquor with success. The ingredients have no mystery: liquor (or some other type of brandy) and coffee. Of course you have to include a healthy dose of sugar and to give the magic touch, that gourmet note which will prove that the liquor is really homemade, what I recommend is to scent it to your liking.

To give those special notes to the final result we can use aromatic citrus (a trick that never fails in combination with booze), spices (cardamom, cinnamon, etc..) Or, if you have sweet tooth, which is what happens to me, we cannot ask other option other than a bit of dark chocolate of the highest possible purity percentage.

The first thing you need to do at home your own coffee liquor is put water to boil. There we will water down the sugar and once the mixture has cooled a bit, we will add to the container where we will have the liquor ready for our experiment.

We will add the coffee and all those extra ingredients to give the essence that you have decided (orange, cinnamon, chocolate). We stir to mix all the different flavours. Remember that it is important to make sure that we have a good closure to prevent evaporative loss of the aroma.

We will keep it there for at least two weeks, during which it is essential to carefully turn the container upside down every day, to help the fusion of flavours. After this time the liquor will be ready and only the final step will be left: no one can forget about strain the mixture before bottling in the final container will occupy the place of honor in our liquor cabinet.

This recipe is infallible, but as I know that there are a few of you a little less skilled (yes, you who has lost interest when reading the word boil), and as I have solutions for everything, here are a couple of coffee liquor suggestions, both as good as if they were homemade:

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Kahlua 1L

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Orujo Xantiamen Cafe

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