How to drink a Gin

by lucasblanes

When making a Gin Tonic we must consider several factors that ensure the quality of our drinks, like choosing the perfect ingredients to create the flavor that we like.

How to drink a Gin and tonic:

The glass should preferably be wide and short but many people use a ball glass to keep it handy. It is quite effective in order to oxygenate the gin, which requires a wide mouth for this purpose andrelease its aromas, making this drink a complete sensory experience, comprising aroma, taste and appearance.

Green lemon or lime is another important point that we must take into account. Avoid the lemon juice for the preparation of gin and tonic, because it kills the bubbles of the tonic water, bubbles that you need, as it is the essence of the drink. You have to take the essence of the lime, by cutting the skin, then squeeze on the glass and finally you must rub the resulting flap over the glass. Some people cut a slice of lime to add it at the end.

The ice should be sufficient to fill the glass completely and thus to ensure the temperature of our drink. The gin should be poured in the right amount. Count three seconds when serving it, at a safe distance from the mouth of the cup for oxygenation.

A curiosity that you may not know is that lemon juice not only has a purpose in taste. It also reacts with the tonic creating bubbles we love. Many connoisseurs have considered this effect negative and suggest using only the skin of the lemon or lime to make this delicious drink.

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