How to do water tastings?

by Marta Burgués

Wine, cheese, yogurt tastings… and for a while also water tastings. This drink is evolving and now we see more and more water lists in restaurants with a wide variety of them.

Just as happens with other beverage tastings, including wines, we will consider a number of aspects, such as color, aroma and taste, which, although it might sound something difficult in water, also offers a variety of flavours, which is what distinguishes the quality of one particular water from another.

The tasting always must be performed by a professional, who will discuss the fundamentals of each drink and differentiation of the various waters to test. Such tastings are oriented to hospitality professionals or sybarites, but it can be a special gift for someone who cares about the world of beverages in general.

In the visual phase will be treated aspects such as cleanliness, i.e. the residues that we see in the liquid, the brightness and transparency, which is related to the light, and the color of the bottle where the water is contained.

The scent is also important here. It will be appreciated if the water smells of lime, soil, iron (which may show a light red color to be specified in the first phase), the freshness of some waters, among other aspects that can change its aroma.

Finally, the aroma is the most remarkable phase. We will see the different bodies and flavors in mouth, which can be really surprising. Clearly, these tastings are conducted with quality waters, many of them with prices somewhat higher than common water.

In the taste factor, we?ll try a sip and let it sit in our mouth to try out if there are any changes in the primary taste. We will notice sweeter, saltier waters; some more bitter, which are the the waters containing iron, cited above; with flavors of other foods and even plastic- flavored, because they have been stored for long in containers of such materials. An interesting world of aromas that will bring you new sensations. And, for starters, two of the best-selling international waters:

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