How to chose a whisky for a gift


If you don’t know what to give this holiday season, choosing a drink is one of the best options. If the gifted is a whisky lover, then you have it easy, since he will for sure looking forward to receive this gift.

Now, to choose a good whisky we must keep in mind a number of parameters, among which are the origin, the history, the brand, the type… you have to look if it is very refined and if it fits with the character of the person to whom we’re giving away. In order to get quality and not fall into the mistake of buying a minor bottle, it is noteworthy that whiskey must have wood or fruity aroma, not just alcohol.

To do this we should ask the seller and correctly read the labels. We recommend going to a shop that specializes in spirits, since they will better know and advise us on the whisky we really need to buy.

When we are guided by the parameters of age, we have to consider that single malt whisky establishes age by the years it has been in barrel, whereas if it’s not single, but blend, age indicates the youngest in the mixture.

If we want to buy a Scotch whisky, we will probably hit the target, but the price is slightly higher, while if we want a whisky with more alcohol content we have to know that it can be over 43 degrees. If we believe that price will give us great confidence, it is not always so, because it is best to consider if it is a limited edition, if it is more aged or much purer than others.

The origin of this drink is also a good parameter, since it will tell us a lot about is provenance and the country in which it was produced. If you’re going to spend money, you better try it before.

 TAGS:Hibiki HarmonyHibiki Harmony

Hibiki Harmony: a whisky from the Suntory distillery native of Japan with an alcohol strength of 43º.



 TAGS:Highland Park 12 YearsHighland Park 12 Years

Highland Park 12 Years: a whisky from distillery Highland Park Distillery produced in Scotland that presents an alcohol content of 40º. 



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