How to choose wines online

by danielacaruso

To choose wines online is as easy or as difficult as doing it in a specialized wine store or within everybody’s reach between the shelves of a supermarket.

If you think about it, buying wine online is easier than doing it any other way because with only one mouse click you will get all the necessary information for your next purchase, including even opinions of other persons who tried them.

Only a few times we can enter a wine shop and ask if they let us try the different wine types we would like to buy before actually buying them. It could be that in a supermarket we might have the chance to attend  a special promotion where they will offer us a really small glass of the wine they have on promotion that month or that special week. Of course it’s not usual and that might be the only advantage of buying wine in the traditional way rather than buying it online.

Choosing a red wine -or a white wine– online will give us access to its description and we can also have a look at the homepage of the wine cellar to make us an idea of the characteristics through the different pictures or the history and presentation.

The most important thing is that we can compare prices ( although in Uvinum this is already done as we will find the cheapest option in every case). So we can be sure not to spend one pound more for our Reserve wine or for that qualified wine we have had in mind for quite a long time.

But the best thing is definitely the possibility to read the opinions of other users, which are ranked with a scoring system ( from 1 to 5 or from 1 to 10), as it is usual in the Eurovision contest. You can also find great details which give you a more complete idea about how a wine really is, with what you will take it and if it is recommended buying it or it is better to spend 20 euros on something else (or on another wine).

The last big advantage of buying wines online ist the great variety of wines you have access to. There is no real shop which can compete with the complete offer of an online wine shop. This is a fact and for many of us one of the biggest advantages of the internet. There is no limit for our wine instinct.

In that sense, should we begin? Today we recommend you 2 great wines:

 TAGS:La Vicalanda Reserva 2007La Vicalanda Reserva 2007

La Vicalanda Reserva 2007, is one of the best wines of Spain.

 TAGS:Protos Gran Reserva 2004Protos Gran Reserva 2004

Protos Gran Reserva 2004, the wines of Protos are always the right choice

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