How to became a good wine taster

by lucasblanes

For a good wine tasting (or gin tonics, so fashionable lately, or beers), the taster should possess qualities and characteristics that make it special to appreciate tastes, smells and tastes like no other.

In addition to theoretical studies, the taster must have a sensory sensitivity, so that there are many people who don?t have a long experience in taste but, however, easily learn by the power of their senses.

Moreover, the experience is always a question of degree. The taster tested and different wines or beers throughout his life in order to compare and distinguish flavours in one drink. The taster is curious, he moves the investigation. Constantly try to discover new flavours and sensations.

The taster must be guided by what he knows and what he has learned when analyzing a wine. Here personal tastes are not worth having but the important thing to analyze is what will transmit the ingredients of each wine, leaving behind most personal experiences. He has to try many wines, especially doing blind tastings because, often, the brand determines what you are tasting, both for good and for bad.

The eternal question is whether you were born taster or made taster. Professionals are a combination of both. Some studies have shown that the ability to taste a wine would be genetic, with differences in great sensitivity to bitter tastes perceived preferably by the wine professionals.

The good taster has contact with the world of wine or food he tastes. He visits wineries, makes winemakers consultation with professionals, attends trade shows and industry conferences, and is aware of the developments that are emerging in both products and trends.

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Mare Nostrum Vino de Aguja Rosado 2013

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Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé 2012

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