How The Shape Of The Glass Affects The Taste Of Wine

by mark75

It is not only an aesthetic question. Among all the different gadgets that make up the world of wine, the glass is one of the essentials because it directly affects its flavour.

The cup itself must be of quality and with specific forms, because thanks to it, it enhances both the fruit flavour, as well as the acidity or that helps to balance all these flavours. There are studies that have confirmed this, such as the Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering of the Medical and Dental University of Tokyo, which explained that the way in which ethanol evaporates depends on the structure of the cup.

In this study, as reported by CNN, the red colour detected by the olfactory chamber shows large concentrations of ethanol evaporating in different glasses with wine at 13 degrees Celsius. In one part of the study, three wine glasses were analyzed: a standard wine glass, a straight glass and a martini glass. Although the same amount of wine was served in the three glasses and examined at 13 degrees Celsius, the images revealed that a rim-shaped vapour pattern was created on the rim of the wine cup. This allows the wine to be appreciated without interfering with the smell of ethanol.

At the same time, wine tasting also speaks not only of the shape of the glass but also of the cleanliness of these. If you have traces of detergents or smell of plastic, then it will also condition the taste of a good wine.

Moreover, it also depends on the capacity, volume or opening of the wine glass to enhance the different aromas and nuances. But experts understand that in wine tasting everything depends, also, on the subjective factors of each person and the temperature and changes that the wine receives at each moment.

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