How many times should a vodka be distilled?

by danielacaruso

Have you ever heard about Vodka Jean Marc X.O.? Or more important, have you ever tried it? Today I write about vodka but rather than talking about vodka labels (which you know by heart for sure) I would like to dedicate some lines to the importance of the distillation process that has a direct influence on the quality and the final result of the drink.

The before mentioned vodka could beat the record of the most distillated vodkas of the world, which is around 9 times. Of course its price is high, above all if you compare it to other vodka labels and because it is that special it shouldn’t be mixed. (it’s not necessary mentioning that, but just in case).

Normally vodkas for commercial use go through 2 or 3 distillations. Sometimes this occurs in repeated distillations or isolated stills are used. The last distillation method is known as pot still and it is used for the production of Vodka Jean Marc XO.

The size of the stills also has an influence on the quality of the vodka. You cannot compare a distillation that occurs in a space of 40 metres to another one that takes place in a space of ten metres. The capacity of the stills depends on the type of production, if the distillery is more industrial or if they give more importance to the process than to the product itself.

That could be applied to any other product which tends to be commercialized: It is not the same buying a designer shirt than buying one in a supermarket. Also buying a red wine made of selected grapes is not the same than buying a table wine. The price is not the same either, but the experiences and sensations are worth it.

Among the most recommended vodkas, you can find Absolut, an example for a vodka obtained through long distillation. Belvedere Vodka is distilled four times, which seem only a few times compared to the six distillations used for Vodka Alpha Noble.  Russian Standard Imperia is one of the most exclusive and goes through eight distillations.

Vodka lovers should pay attention to that part of the process but also to the filtration, especially to the material used for the filters. Normally it is wooden but it can also be made out of apple tree, birch or french oak, as it is the case in the vodka mentioned at the beginning, with a difference in the result, of course.

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