How is the Brazilian cuisine?

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Brazil is a dynamic country. Its wealth of cultures is influenced by the proximity of other Latin American countries and European countries. Today, with less than a few hours to go before the Olympics 2016 start off in Rio de Janeiro, we want to share some of the keys to the cuisine of one of the fascinating countries in the world. Discover the flavors, and get inspired to prepare typical Brazilian food at home!


This delicacy is based on bread rolls made from white beans and onions fried in palm oil and are usually served with sauce. It is a dish of clear African influences, originating from indigenous communities in Africa who immigrated to Brazil. A dish that serves as an appetizer for various occasions.

Bode buchada

Like many other dishes, it is of Portuguese origin, a kitchen that mixes quality fish and meat. This is usually a filling dish, which usually include several ingredients, like kidneys, viscera … with cooked blood. A dish for winter time and it is more typical of the south and southeast part of the country.


Quite different is the tacaca, a soup with which herbs and spices, such as coriander, Jambu, plus prawns, tapioca, basil, etc. are used. It is served hot, so it is another dish for the colder months. In northern Brazil, it can be found in many places and is common on street stalls.


Very popular in other neighboring countries, it is crunchy bread made of cassava, which is used for various meals. Cassava is one of the basic ingredients of many countries in South America and is used to make bread, pancakes, main dishes and snacks.

Queijo Coalho

From European influences, the cheese is present in Brazilian cuisine, and cooked in different ways. This one in particular consists of strips of fried cheese based on pasteurized cheese, fermented cow’s milk. It is eaten as an aperitif and they are commonly sold on street stalls.

Churrasco and other meats

In many areas near Argentina, beef is highly popular. Roast beef of excellent quality accompany parties and other events. In Europe the churrasco is the best known and most frequently eaten meat from the region. In Brasil it is usually roasted or grilled, and accompanied by manioc flour and tomato sauce.

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