How Has Climate Change Affected Wine Production In 2017?

by mark75

The International Wine Organisation, (OIV), has reported that this year’s wine production has been the lowest since the 1960s. Although we are still drinking more and more wine. There are also areas of decrease in production for different areas of the population, and this year we have seen an 8% decline; reaching 246.7 hectoliters.

One of the reasons, and the main cause of the decline in wine production, established by the OIV, is due to climate change. This change in productivity is due to hot autumns, as well as frosts that have come later than usual. Changes that are having a negative impact on the Earth and nature.

This does not cause the drop in consumption because there is enough stock (in France alone there are 154 million hectoliters in stock) nor the surge in prices because exports are doing well. According to OIV experts, some cheaper wines may have slight price increases, but high-end wines will maintain their prices.

Climate change is affecting especially countries like Italy, France and Spain. We have seen it in the vintage of this year, which has been ahead of schedule and has left a lower production: 35.7 million hectoliters of wine and must in Spain.

However, the wine world in general moves, with all kinds of events, the increase in wine tourism and exports that, as we have pointed out, are superior.

There is more data of this low production because from the Directorate General of Agriculture (DG Agri) of the European Commission and predicted that the wine production expected in the 2017/18 campaign would have an estimate of just 145.1 million hectoliters, which is a 14.4% or more than 24-million less than last season.

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