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A punch can actually be hot or cold and the Hot Toddy is the perfect punch for winter as it is usually taken hot. In fact, in areas with a long tradition in whiskey, such as Ireland and Scotland, it is usually taken as a last drink before going to bed, in order to fight the cold and flu.

Some say that the name may also have Indian origin, as there is a drink called Toddy in India, made from fermented palm sap. But both the tradition in the UK (and therefore across the Commonwealth, of which India was a part), and the use of whiskey as most typical ingredient seems that the most reliable source is the British.

The Hot Toddies are usually made of a distilled beverage, water, sugar and spices infused. But for the Hot Toddy there are different variants to suit different tastes and can be made according to ingredients available at home. Here are different types:

Original Hot Toddy:
This is the classic Hot Toddy; many people associate it with whiskey, bourbon or brandy. As the distillate varies by country where it is made, we will show regional variations:

Ingredients for a Scottish Hot Toddy:

Scottish Whisky
Boiling water
Sugar or honey
As spice is often used to infuse, lemon peel and cinnamon stick

Ingredients for an Irish Hot Toddy:

Irish Whisky
Boiling water
Brown Sugar
As spice is often used clove, lemon peel and cinnamon stick

Ingredients for an American Hot Toddy:

Ginger Ale

In all cases the drinkis added to boiling water, along with the botanical, and cover for a couple of minutes for the aromas to infuse. It?s usually taken warm or hot. Here are other variants of the original Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy Alcohol-free:
Ideal for non- drinkers or to serve the children of the house while we took our Hot Toddy. Substitutes distilled drink by tea, either Earl Grey, Green Tea, Oolong or Black.

Hot Gin Toddy:
As the name indicates the Gin is essential part of your preparation, as it is one of the best drink to prepare punches.

Great Ron Toddy
Done by combining the taste of rum with orange liqueur and a touch of lemon in hot water.

Ginger Hot Toddy
Ginger is used by many in the preparation of hot punch, and Hot Toddy ginger is combined with bourbon to create an excellent result.

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