Hot liquor drinks

by Marta

If you like liquors & creams, winter is your chance to drink them hot. This temperature difference, the absence of ice cubes and the feeling of warmth that they instantly bring you while drinking them…just delicious! You will get a new perspective on your favorite drink after this experience.

When I think of some kind of liquor which can be good to drink hot, two typical winter drinks come to my head rapidly: Glühwein (aka Gloegg or Glogg, depending on the country) and the Irish coffee. Both of them extremely good, I will focus more on the second as today we are talking about spirits and the first proposal is made from red wine (although you may also find it elaborated with white wine) to which different spices, sugar and lemon peel are added.

Irish coffee consists of coffee, sugar and Irish whiskey, how could it be otherwise. It is one of the most typical hot winter drinks, although personally I prefer to replace the whiskey for Baileys.

The truth is that coffee is the perfect way to incorporate any type of liquor comforting us in these days when temperatures are touching zero degrees (being even negative in some places). So as the winter is long, it is best to get creative and keep trying different combinations: with cognac, vodka, Cointreau, rum … Spice up your coffees!

Another delicious drink made of warm liquor is the Galician ?queimada?. But the truth is that in order to taste it, it is not necessary to wait for the winter, since witches can be convene throughout the year, especially if it is an occasion of this kind and the chosen spirits is good.

One of the ways I like most to drink a hot liquor is preparing a “hot lemonade”. It is made with lemon juice, boiling water, a little honey and your favorite rum. It tempers the throat and it’s super nice to drink.

With rum, you can also enrich a hot chocolate. The recipe is simple, but it is also priceless: rum, milk, cocoa, cream and coconut milk. Warning: if you taste it you will become addicted because it is hard to beat, especially on those winter Sunday afternoons with a blanket and good film.

And finally, another way to drink hot liquor, highly recommended for gourmands: hazelnut liqueur, brandy, milk, cream and Nutella … pure heaven!

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