Gourmet products for your corporate event

by Marta Burgués

Holidays are over for many and the return to work implies a new year with new and exciting projects. In order to make the back not so hard, we can always host a corporate event to welcome customers and employees.

Surely, during this year will be held corporate events and we must take care of this occasions the best way to keep everyone happy. Remember, this is also brand image, so all must be well organized and measured.

At these events there will be plenty of gourmet products. Essential to gather press, customers and suppliers and give away some nibbles or an exclusive meal.

When we have important customers who come from far away, nothing better than let them try local foods. We will begin with the hams. Something very ours that you can not miss in an event of such characteristics. We will place them in plates all over the different tables, in order to make them accessible to everyone.

The Cantabrian anchovies are also remarkable. Thin and unmistakable flavored, their are perfect combined with cream cheese and small toasts.

Caviar is a plus to make a difference. Reject imitations and don’t take risks. Grab quality products, such as premium Persian caviar, directly from fish farms in Iran, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, from the species Beluga Huso-huso.

Sometimes snacks are not enough. If the event ends at 1 pm, it can be extended and therefore, in addition to the previous dishes, we can put some plates with prepared meals. They will love the delicatessen products, ?masked potatoes with black pudding? or ?roast venison osso buco?… Exquisite!

For dessert, just be generous. If the event lasts afternoon, it is always best not to overfill the stomachs of our guests. We recommend an assortment of chocolates, with strong cocoa, milk cocoa, white chocolate

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