Good whiskies need time

by danielacaruso

Do you agree when people say that good things take while? As there are many things that are worth waiting for, the same rule applies to whisky.

Real whisky lovers appreciate the ones that have aged in barrels over many years and that unfold a special flavour once opened. They are certainly a temptation you won’t resist. But what makes these long aged whiskys so special and most of all, how are they produced? In this post I want to give you more information about the topic.

It’s important to know about the countries in which they are produced. Among them there are the United States, Canada, Ireland and Scotland and they are produced in distilleries that have become famous in the whole world. In Europe, Scotland is the pioneer in the production of whisky and every year it attracts visitors and “thirsty” people from all over the world that want to try them and learn more about their production. The ones who have experienced the icy winds and the warmth of the distilleries of the Scottish Highlands, will remember this experience for a long time for sure.

Some whiskies age for over 60 years, others even for centuries. Of course this long ageing process is noticeable in the price as well, that can reach 10.000 Euros per bottle. Long aged whiskies are more popular because of their softer taste and because  they loose strength and angularity during the years. The aftertase is also much better.

The most important factor in ageing is storage in wooden barrels which leads to an interaction of the distillate with the wood aroma. In this way undesired characteristics are eliminated and desired ones are added, as for example sweet taste of wood. For the taste it is very important to keep in mind which type of wood is used. Normally the wood used is either American or European Oak. The European one gives a more intense aroma but it grows much slowlier, normally it takes 100 years longer to grow than the American.

Single-Malt Whiskies have an especially long ageing process which makes them very appreciated. Single-Malt also indicates that they are produced in only one distillery and the wheat used is malted barley.

To obtain certain flavours, the distillates are poured into different barrels after some years, in which they stored sherry, ron, Portwine or wine or even very smokey whiskies before, to obtain their final maturity.

Remember that if whiskies are bottled, there ageing and maturing process automatically stops. That means that a 10-year old whisky after ten more years in a bottle, doesn’t become a 20-year old whisky.

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