Gins, the fashionable classics

by lucasblanes

Gin is an English spirit with alcohol content between 43 and 47 degrees, for processing distilled unmalted barley, and flavored with angelica and cardamom, among other herbs.

Among the most classic gins are 3 brands that do not lose their privileged position among the tastes of consumers in the entire world:

  • Beefeater Gin is a brand created in London by James Burrough Ltd, is made ??with neutral grain spirit, macerated with botanical ingredients to give flavor and finally distilled. This brand is exported to over 100 countries, sales in approximately 21 million liters and is currently distributed by Pernod Ricard.
  • Bombay Sapphire gin is a brand created in 1987; its name is the result of a competition between advertising agencies and refers to the popularity of gin in India during colonization. It is very easy to identify it by the light blue glass bottles with flat sides and engraved with the silhouette of its ingredients. Currently it is distributed worldwide by Bacardi.
  • Hendricks?s gin. This brand was created in Scotland by William Grant & Sons, in their preparation is used juniper, rose damascena and cucumbers. Its bottle is dark brown and vintage look and tastes very special. Hendricks?s uses a mixed spirit drink obtained from the Carter-Head still created in 1948, of which there are only a small number in the world, and a still Bennett, originally built in 1860.

Undoubtedly there are classics that never go out of style and position themselves as smart choices on drinks that you can buy with your eyes closed to. And you, what do you recommend? We suggest you:

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