Gibson cocktail

by lucasblanes

The Gibson cocktail is not a common one. The story of its creation is a bit contradictory because there are three different versions, all of them plausible. The cocktail Gibson has a curious flavor thanks to the onion that is introduced at the end of the preparation.

Some people consider the Gibson cocktail as a variation of Dry Martini. The preparations based on gin and Martini is the classic one, but some add vodka, usually Russian vodka, to preserve the tradition.

The first story of the Gibson cocktail says that its creator is the artist Charles Dana Gibson, born in 1867 in Massachusetts, creator of the Gibson Girls of the nineteenth century. According to the story, he asked his barman to change his Dry Martini and add onions in vinegar to it.

In the second story, the U.S. ambassador in Britain named Gibson, attended many receptions for his work and for not taking the typical dry Martini, he filled a glass with water and an onion instead of an olive, his invention was then called Gibson.

Finally, the third story of Gibson cocktail credited Walter DK Gibson with its invention. Apparently in an interview, his grandson said his grandfather had invented this cocktail at the Bohemian Club.

The Gibson cocktail


50cl gin. A good gin for this cocktail is the Gin G’Vine Floraison.
3 drops of dry vermouth
1 pickled onion


  • Step 1:

Mix all ingredients (onion aside) in a tall glass with ice, mix vigorously and strain the resulting liquid into the martini glass.

  • Step 2:

Garnish the cocktail with a pearl onion in vinegar into the cup.

A variant in the preparation of Gibson cocktail is that instead of placing the Dry Martini with the gin, place it in the mixing glass with ice before gin. Then mix and put aside, without the ice that will take the aroma away, then pour the gin in the glass, mix and serve in martini glass with onions.

Some people add a squeeze of lemon to the final preparation before serving.

Want a couple of suggestions to make your cocktails Gibson? Here they are:

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