Garnacha, defending the native

by Alberto Martínez

After many “fads” and tests with different prestigious international varieties, many cellars and production areas in Spain have taken up the cultivation of the Garnacha.

The spanish Garnacha (Grenache in France) is a late variety, very vigorous and productive. It adapts well to sandy soils with stones and is slightly acidic. It reaches its highest expression in old vines from the eastern half of the Iberian peninsula but it growns in greater or lesser degree in almost all Spanish wine regions.

Garnacha produces balanced wines. The red or rose garnacha wine can easily reach 15° alcohol, has little colour, good body and good acidity. The palate is fleshy and tasty. Spanish wines made ??from garnacha are beginning to be recognized around the world as a sign of our Mediterranean style in red wines.

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Artazuri Rosado 2011

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