Fruit liquors, perfect for all occasions

 TAGS:In recent years, the liquors of different flavors are becoming more prominent in formal or friend lunches and dinners. With citrus, cinnamon, fruits and even flowers. The best is that they offer new flavors always good to find out. 

They are usually taken at desserts or in the afternoon when we have a snack, with chocolate or a sweet cake. And these liquors, especially the ones made with berries, contrast with the sugar in the desserts and their pairing is perfect. 

The most popular of the fruit liquors are, for example, the hazelnut liqueur, perfect for after dinner, as their bitter taste considerably reduces the feeling of being full after long and abundant lunches and dinners. The most famous, of course, is the Frangelico, which is produced in the Piedmont region of Italy, and has a history of 300 years when it was elaborated by the Christian monks who lived in the mountains of this


Similar to the hazelnut liqueur, almond liqueurs also bring an unmistakable bitter taste and suit the most demanding palates. We must control our drinking cup because we can drink lightly, without realizing it. The Amaretto is the star of this type of liquors and its success is due to the mix of flavors from the apricot and almond bones, caramelized sugar and various spices, like vanilla, which give an extra special touch. 

One of the main characteristics of the fruit liquors is that they usually have a high alcohol content and are macerated with nuts and other spices. Among them, we can highlight the pacharán, from Navarra, which is obtained by macerating sloes or blackthorns, with a color and taste something stronger, fresher and more natural.

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