French spirits

by Marta Burgués

The most emblematic and known French spirits include armagnac and cognac, being the armagnac the oldest wine spirit in France.

There are 5 geographical sub-appellations for this drink:

  • Armagnac
  • Bas-Armagnac
  • Haut-Armagnac
  • Armagnac-Ténarèze
  • Blanche Armagnac

Armagnac products are governed by continuous distillation combined with distillation in alembic. The lower toxicity of this type of liquor has led to greater consumption in France in relation to cognac.

Cognac is produced through distillation in alembic exclusively, in which the distillate is removed from the beginning and end of the distillation process. The above procedure ensured a spirit of less toxicity than the known so far, but after the invention of continuous distillation, many other wine spirits exceeded it. For the preparation of cognac is given great importance to aging, because this improves the flavor and helps removing the methanol.

Other spirits of French origin

  • Abricot or Abricotine: liquor distilled from apricots, produced in France and Switzerland.
  • Verveine du Velay: French liquor made from 1859 with spirits distilled from wine and 33 different plants among which is the essence of vervain. It may be yellow or green.
  • Trappistine: French liquor made with Armagnac and various herbs, created by monks of the Abbey de la Gràce de Dieu de Doubs.
  • Suze: French aperitif made from gentian roots.
  • Secrestat: French type bitter made with bitter and aromatic plants and bark.
  • Sapindor: French liquor produced in Pontarlier since 1825, based on different green clored plants.
  • Saint Raphael: French aperitif similar to vermouth and flavored with cocoa, bark, orange and vanilla.
  • Quinquina: French aperitif made from mistelle and bark flavored wines.
  • Pousse Rapiere: Liquor made from Armagnac, sugar, plants and caramel.
  • Pineau Des Charentes: Aperitif produced in the Charente region, based on grape juice and Cognac. It can be white, rosé or aged.
  • Pernod: aniseed liquor produced in Paris, based on anethole, neutral alcohol, water, sugar and aromatic essences obtained by distillation from different plants. Serve mixed with water.
  • Peche: spirit prepared by distillation of peaches. It is also produced as a liquor.
  • Pastis: aniseed aperitif typical of Marseille, prepared by maceration of anise and licorice in alcohol. Served mixing 1 part for 5 water.
  • Parfait Amour: sweet liquor produced by distillation of lemons, limes and girofle macerated in alcohol, sweetened, scented and colored with violet essence.

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