Football and Wine — A Match Made in Heaven

by Sonia Romero
football and wine

football and wine

Think the best way to watch a football match is with a beer in your hand? Think again! Unless you’re a real beer lover that is. Have you ever thought that football and wine might be a match made in heaven? These footballer players-turned-winemakers certainly thought so!

David Ginola

A former striker for Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham, David Ginola is now a TV presenter… but not only that. He’s also a wine producer in the Côtes de Provence region, and his Coste Brulade rosé produced by the Cellier de Saint-Antoine won a silver medal at the 2008 International Wine Challenge.

Éric Carrière

The former French midfielder‘s career path is more or less similar to that of David Ginola. Now a TV consultant, he also owns a plot of land in the Côte-Rôtie region of France. He works there with Stéphane Ogier, a winegrower from the Rhône Valley; together they’ve created the “Caves Carrières”.

Christophe Jallet

Although born in Cognac, it’s wine that’s won the heart of the Nice defender. As well as having a degree in oenology, the footballer has wine in his blood — his parents are winegrowers and own 25 hectares of vineyards in the Charente. Having been immersed in the world of wine since childhood, it’s no wonder he has a passion for both football and wine.

Vincent Candela

The French international defender from 1990-2000 is also a great wine fan, but that’s not very surprising if you look at his career. As a former AS Roma player, his French roots and his 20 years in Italy could only lead him to love wine! It is therefore quite natural that he’s now the owner of a Roman villa for events and ceremonies, but above all an Italian wine producer.

Andres Iniesta

In 2018, the Spanish midfielder left his club, FC Barcelona, for China. It was not by chance, but rather because of wine: this transfer allowed him to develop his business, Bodega Iniesta, his wine cellar located in his hometown of Fuentealbilla. The World Champion has been a wine producer since 2010, the same year he won the World Cup with Spain. His contract with Chongqinq Dangdai Lifan not only includes a hefty salary of 27 million Euros per year, but also the purchase of 6 million bottles of wine from Iniesta himself.

Andrea Pirlo

The former Juventus player and 2006 Italian national team hero founded the organic company, Pratum Coller, in 2007. The estate is located in Castel Mella, just outside Brescia in Northern Italy, and produces two reds: a rosé and a white.

Gianluigi Buffon

A few years ago, the Fabio Cordella winery decided to launch a line of wines called “The Champions’ Selection”. Italian goalkeeper Gigi Buffon was invited to put his name to a Salento IGP Primitivo, a Salento IGP Rosato di Negroamaro and a Salento IGP Chardonnay.

Buffon, however, is not the only champion to have been involved by the entrepreneur Cordella. The “selection” also includes Wesley Benjamin Sneijder, Fabrizio Miccoli, Ronaldinho, Ivan Zamorano and Vincent Candela.

Translated by Chelsea Cummings from Sonia Romero’s original French article: Football et vin : quand les passions sont un jeu d’équipe !

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