Father’s Day Drinks for Every Personality

by Raúl Pérez
Father's Day Drinks

Still looking for the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day? Then read on to discover our compilation of Father’s Day drinks for every personality.

Wine for Demanding and Mature Fathers

People who drink wine tend to be practical and sensible. They like routine and are disciplined. They’re demanding and mature. If your father is interested in quality above all else, likes to have clear goals in all aspects of his life and strives to achieve them, then he’s a wine person. He likely also strives for a certain stability in all aspects of his life and from time to time needs to return to a peaceful comfort zone that he’s created for himself to unwind after a long day.

If your dad likes the outdoors and enjoys the little things, like a family dinner or a picnic outing with no other aim than to enjoy a few hours of peace with his loved ones, then we have no doubt in recommending a stroll through our wine selection to choose the perfect gift.

Gin for the Romantic and Relaxed

Father's Day Drinks: G&T for romantic dads

If your dad is an old romantic and is generally an idealist, then we bet he’s a gin drinker. Maybe your father’s main goal is to achieve a balanced life between work, family, friends and hobbies. This can be hard to achieve but your dad usually manages it.

People who drink gin tend to be in stable relationships, so chances are that your dad has been in a committed relationship for many years, and maintains a strong connection with his childhood friends. He’s also likely to be a quiet person who likes to have a certain amount of control over his surroundings. He may also be a bit introverted when he first meets someone new until he loosens up and becomes more confident.

If your father fits this profile then have no doubt: choose a premium gin. He’s sure to enjoy it.

Vodka for the Independent and Cautious

Moscow Mule for Father's Day

Your dad may be a very independent person, one of those who doesn’t usually ask for help when faced with difficulties and who thinks he can overcome everything on his own (sometimes wrongly so) because he’s a bit stubborn. It’s also possible that at the same time he’s a young and fun-loving person, but not particularly fond of things the way they are and so prefers vodka — the best drink to combine with juice and other flavours.

Those who choose vodka are not usually risk-takers and aren’t fans of experimentation. In other words, they’re not very daring and are content with what they’ve got, preferring to know their own little world very well rather than discovering new horizons. If this is the case with your father, a good vodka will brighten up his quiet, risk-free life.

Rum for Fun and Spontaneous Dads

Father's Day drinks - Rum with ice

We all have the “life of the party” in our group of friends and family. They’re fun-loving people who love to be the centre of attention at gatherings, but they don’t do it for selfish reasons. They do it because in their mind parties have to be joyful and they take on the responsibility to make them just that.

Warm and talkative parents will appreciate a good rum cocktail. It makes them talk more (yes, even more!) and they almost always end up telling funny stories to entertain their captive audience. So for those spontaneous, friendly and affectionate fathers, choose a rum to surprise them with.

Whisky for the Traditional and Sophisticated

Father's Day Drinks - Whisky for traditional and sophisticated dads

There is also a group of parents with a strong character and a very defined personality. They’re self-confident and know what they want. In some respects, they could be defined as “old fashioned” (yes, like the cocktail). They tend to be traditional but also sophisticated. They value excellence in everything around them, and they may even be a bit hedonistic. Dads like this are very friendly and always true to their principles.

These fathers with communicative, interesting, somewhat “business-like” personalities, with a tendency towards leadership, are perfectly matched to a sophisticated glass of whisky.

Tequila for the Creative and Absent-minded

Father's Day Drinks - Tequila for creative dads

Finally, there are those dads with creative personalities. These people are always thinking of something to do, whether it’s making inventions, or composing a song. Parents with the soul of an artist are very special because they bring a lot of joy to the family. However, they can also cause the occasional misunderstanding. Like all creative people, they tend to be somewhat absent-minded, causing problems in family routines. However, this type of parent is also determined and courageous in the decisions they make. Aside from that, they bring a bit of adventure to life, because they don’t mind trying new things and are always unpredictable.

They’re not at all individualistic, always like to talk to everyone, love learning new things, are curious and make the most of everything. Tequila fits this type of parent to a T. For this type of dad, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality tequila made from 100% agave in a reputable distillery.


We hope you’ve had fun reading these recommendations for Father’s Day drinks to match each personality. Of course, every dad is unique and special, so if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out the wide range of spirits, wines and sparkling wines at Drinks&Co. We’re sure you’ll find the right Father’s Day drink in no time!

Translated by Chelsea Cummings from Raúl Pérez’ original Spanish article: En el Día del Padre, regala la bebida que mejor encaja con su personalidad.

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