Excess of alcohol could cause infertility; moderate consumption, not

by Luis Bobadilla

Infertility is one of the problems that can tear couples apart, especially when the data tell us that this disorder affects almost 25% of people who want to have children in the Western world.

A study by the University Hospital of Aarhus (Denmark), which was echoed by the Spanish the newspaper ABC, has now revealed that one of the factors that could be the main responsible for the inability to conceive is the excessive consumption of alcohol. According to investigators, a weekly intake of 14 or more units of alcohol reduces fertility in women.

It is known that alcohol consumption during pregnancy can be very harmful to the developing fetus, but the data provided in the recent study support the argument that alcohol should be avoided also during the preconception of a baby.

However, and although it may seem surprising, the study also shows that moderate consumption, less than 8 units of alcohol weekly, has no effect on the ability to procreate, although it is true that it would be advisable to avoid alcohol during conception because at some point we may be already consuming in gestation, which, as we know, is dangerous.

The study was conducted for a year and was attended by more than 6,000 Danish women aged 21 to 45, who monitored their alcohol use, menstrual cycles, frequency of sexual relations with their partners and consumption of tobacco. They formed five study groups depending on the units of alcohol consumed by its members.

The findings indicate that the group consuming 14 or more units of alcohol per week reached only 12% of pregnancy rate, while groups who consumed less achieved 17%.

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