English drink far more wine than the estimated

by Marta Burgués

Alcohol consumption in England is increasing, in fact, English drink a lot more than the studies, often, say. Consumption has been underestimated by the equivalent of 12 million bottles of wine per week. They are statements from new researches on the subject, which say that there are differences between the published by reports and the amount of alcohol really sold.

Awareness on this subject is important because these studies find that alcohol consumption is linked to about 200 different health conditions. In 2012 it was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide.

According to scientists, the problem is that in the polls they always ask about the typical drink. To do this, researchers conducted telephone interviews with 6,085 randomly selected members of the population of England.

Participants were requested on normal consumption patterns and those that fall outside the usual circumstances. So, in conclusion it was established that most categories of drinkers, by age groups and levels of typical consumption, reported an increase in its consumption on holidays or special occasions. The largest increase was observed in people aged between 25 and 35 years, as they had the highest level of typical consumption.

The doctors concluded that consumption patterns have a significant influence on the impacts on health of alcohol. So, protective effects of moderate drinking on the heart decrease as a consequence of episodes of excessive consumption.

If the average consumption levels are analysed, there is a very rough impression of drinking behaviours, as well as the associated risks.

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