Ecological wines

Our daily life, which imposes the fashion of the healthy and green, has made the biological or ecological products to gain increasing importance. The same way happened to the world of wine, always a trend receiver, as one might expect.

Ecological wines are no longer an exception, but are fully recognized in shops and restaurant menus worldwide. Moreover, there are wineries that, knowing the success that this kind of wines have, incorporate them into their most respectable vintages.

Being grown and elaborated without pesticides or chemicals, they have are better beneficial properties for the body than other types of wine, something about not all wine producers agree and generates a broad debate among the industry.

Elaboration and certification

Ecological wine is made with the use of natural resources, without chemicals (chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides), which ends with the existence of some residues in wine. Therefore, a higher quality product is obtained. In order to guarantee that a vineyard is ecological, it must be rated by an official agency to certify it.

Such is its importance that the first steps in investigating the benefits of ecological wines have already taken, as demonstrated by a study conducted by researchers on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Cancer from University of Barcelona. According to reports, they stated that the administration to animals of Volvoreta ecological red wine -produced in the winery Viña Zangarrón, appellation Toro (Zamora)- prevents the development of chemically induced cancer tumors.

Some ecological wines

Piedra Luenga

From Cordoba, they research to give their wines biological properties. Bodegas Robles presents a delicious range of ecological wine: Piedra Luenga, the first certified organic under an appellation in southern Spain.

Genium Ecológico 2005

Bodegas Genium are the architects of this bodied Genium Ecológico 2007, with aromas of berries and a touch of acidity in flavor; 100% ecological guarantee.

Montesierra Ecológico Tinto 2007

There goes one of my recommendations: Montesierra Ecológico 2010, a red Somontano very well priced, perfect for long evenings with friends. Consistent, rough and full of flavors to be discovered.

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