Drinks that will help you have less hangover

by Marta Burgués

After a fun night where you enjoy beer, wine or cocktails in good company, it is best to have a contingency plan to prevent hangovers, especially at Christmas, when more invitations will make you get drinks and catch up with friends.


Considering this, is a wise decision to choose drinks that will produce less hangover to avoid the discomfort they bring and enjoy the evening.

Some useful tips are trying to stagger each glass of wine or any other beverage you choose with a glass of water to keep your hydration levels, be sure to eat well before you start drinking alcohol and avoid mixing drinks during the night.

Wine: Wine is a beverage that produces less hangover. Try to choose a good quality wine having an alcohol content equal to or less than 12.5%

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The Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 is a great classic, complex and elegant, ideal for important moments. The 2001 vintage in Rioja is ranked EXCELLENT. 


White Drinks: Vodka and gin are two of the white drinks you can choose to avoid strong hangovers the next morning, unlike drinks like rum and whiskey, rich in congeners, toxins that are formed during the fermentation process and tend to ensure stronger hangovers.

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The Vodka Belvedere is distilled according to Polish traditional methods dating back more than 600 years to a perfect balance between purity and character. It’s a vodka of exception. 


Drinks with plenty of ice: If you are one of those who drink your cocktail or drink with little hurry this advice can help you avoid strong hangovers, ask them to put a lot of ice to your drinks for them to become smoother and your hydration levels not decrease abruptly.

Some drinks that can help eliminate hangover are:

Water: Alcohol for its diuretic effect makes you lose water through urine, so it is normal to get dehydrated, and the solution is drinking water in small quantities and steadily, this can make your hangover to last less time.

Simple carbohydrates and eggs: The alcohol that we drink is processed by the liver, this is responsible for the production of glucose in the body, but when processing the alcohol we ingest it lowers the glucose levels that we need, so eating fruits and eggs can normalize glucose levels and casein, respectively.

Coffee: Coffee may reduce the discomfort of a hangover but you should consume it without leaving aside water, since coffee has -like alcohol- a diuretic effect, and it will not replenish your hydration levels by itself.

But, the more important tip is the follow one: drink with moderation and, of course, enjoy the celebration with your friends!

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