Drinking wine makes us more beautiful

by Marta Burgués

Since Roman times wine was already used to beautify the skin. A number of treatments use grape seeds to achieve greater oxygenation of the epidermis and hydration. So, besides its good properties for the body, wine makes us more beautiful also externally.

The idea has come down to our times, since in the very XXI century several studies show that wine makes us more attractive and sexy. The latter has been carried out by researchers from the UK, linking alcohol with some personal appeal, and it indicates that wine makes sexiest the people who drink it.

First conclusions

Apparently, the reason is because wine causes a direct vasodilation, the same that causes skin flushing when we are sexually aroused. The first conclusions of the study established that in addition to perceive others as more attractive after drinking some wine, the same person may be perceived more attractive for others.

Other findings of the study determined that low alcohol consumption leads to increased skin redness and to have some facial appeal, but it has not been proven conclusively. But this can increase in a more sexual context, on relationships between two people. Thus, it appears that alcohol influences social behaviour.

Moreover, the study concludes that the faces of people who have consumed a low dose of alcohol are rated as more attractive than faces of sober people, while this was not observed on the faces of people who had consumed a high dose of alcohol.

For the study, a number of people were photographed while they were both sober and just after having consumed alcohol, in order to decide which image was more attractive to the others.

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Pintia 2008: is a red wine with DO Toro from the Pintia cellar which blend contains tempranillo and tinta de Toro of 2008

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Luis Cañas Reserva Selección de la Familia 2008: is a red wine Rioja vinified with tempranillo and graciano from 2008 and with an alcoholic strength of 14.5º.

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