Drinking alcohol with moderation is healthy

by Antonio Moschella

The phrase “alcohol is good for health” that you often come to hear does not mean that it is entirely true. In fact, the scientific community has discussed this issue for a long time and although some of their studies have been successful, there is still a huge controversy about these results and the community is divided into two blocks. Of course, it goes without saying that a moderate consumption helps the heart function, but the big question is: what do we mean by “moderate”?

According to experts, it’s ideal to consume two glasses of wine per day if you are under the age of 65 and reduce that amount by half if you’re over 65. A drink or a glass a day is equivalent to 350ml of beer, 148ml of wine or 44ml of any distillate.

Among the numerous benefits that we can find here, there is the reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, gallstones and various cardiac symptoms.

The heart benefits from specific antioxidants in the wines which, in general, help our entire cardiovascular system. Statistics show that active people who drink wine moderately are 50% less likely to develop heart disease compared with persons who are stuck all day.

In conclusion, drinking alcohol moderately will bring us long-term health benefits, considering that we drink moderately. Although, as everyone says, it is true that alcohol in large quantities can and will harm your health, reaching pancreatic, cirrhosis, hypertension, various types of cancer, depression and alcoholism. Remember, alcohol can have positive effects on your health consumed in moderation. But this doesn’t mean that you have to start drinking if you usually don’t.

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