Drink wine and … stay with your partner!

by unshel

Alcohol and wine drinking is an activity that, if done in moderation, can bring great benefits, both for the health and for the quality of life in general, including married life and many other aspects.

A new study led by the University of Michigan, US, has concluded somewhat surprising in relation to consumer habits and life in marriage. According to this research, married couples over 50 years of age and that have the same habits of alcohol consumption tend to show significantly stronger signs of happiness compared to those couples with unequal habits of consumption.

One thing that stood out, which was relevant to the study and very important, is that wives were more dissatisfied with their marriage when only they had the habit of consumption and their husbands did not drink alcohol.

“Wives which have a habit of alcohol consumption reported a decrease positive marital quality over time when their husbands had similar consumption habits. While on the other hand, there was reported an increase of negative marital quality when their partners did not consume”.

Dr. Kira Birditt was the author of this study that was applied to 2,767 couples between 2006 and 2016. All participants were interviewed face to face with researchers and subjected to questionnaires about their eating habits: whether or not they drank, how many days a week and how many drinks consumed daily.

Also, they were subjected to questions about their marriage and quality of it having to respond on aspects from what they thought of the partner, if they were very demanding or critical, whether they were trustworthy and reliable in difficult times or whether they thought their partner was irritating .

Couples averaged a time of marriage of 33 years and at least 2/3 of the participants were couples living in their first and only marriage.

You can learn more about this research here. And remember, excessive consumption of alcohol can be bad for your health.

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