DO Jumilla, outstanding quality

by Marta Burgués

Little by little, we are reviewing all Spanish Denominations of Origin, with quality wines spreading all around the world. Today is the turn of Jumilla wine, which extends between the cities of Murcia and Albacete in over 30,000 hectares of vineyards.

Its current production is made in modern and avant-garde wineries joining traditional techniques with the latest technology. Its most prominent grape variety is Monastrell, representing 80% of the grapes grown in this powerful Denomination. Other varieties are Garnacha, Merlot or Syrah in red wines and Macabeo and Moscatel in white wines.

This development is determined by a variable climate, in which we found an important Mediterranean area (which is close to here) and some dry zones. In any case, their wealth is due to the sun, shining for several months of the year combined with an extremely cold winter.

Types of wines

This results in wines with body and character. Among the reds, highlights its strong ruby red color and its exceptional ripe fruit and berries flavor, ideal for drinking with all kinds of game dishes.

The rosés have also a fruity and fresh flavor, both on nose and palate. It is recommended to drink them in spring or summer with a salad, fresh pasta and also with fish and meat, as they have much more body than other rosés. Do not miss the sweet reds, which enhance the mouth with soft and sugary flavors. We’ll choose them at dessert time.

Wine Route

The municipalities that are part of this Denomination live intensely the wine tourism. It is therefore remarkable its wine route, ideal to discover new landscapes, vineyards, ancient cellars, taste the wines and restaurants in the area, with its corresponding pairing.

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