Discover the wines of Lazio

by Marta Burgués

 - Italy is famous for its gastronomy, but also for its wines, young, strong, aged, of long tradition… 

In the region of Lazio, whose capital is Rome, the wines are very recognized, mostly the whites, thanks to the Trebbiano grape. The most popular is the one from Frascati, called “wine of the Popes”, also white, which in addition to the grapes of this region, is elaborated with Malvasia, offering a fresh fruity aroma and a sweet taste of better quality. 

The Frascati Classico is elaborated in the mountains of this area of volcanic origin. The local winemaking tradition dates back to the Romans, when different types of wines were made; and in the Middle Age was a favorite wine by the British monarchy. The color of Frascati wine is yellow and has an alcohol content of about 11°. We find three distinct types: the actual Frascati, Frascati Superiore and Frascati Cannellino

Being light, cool and dry, it goes perfectly with many appetizers that are often consumed in this place, such as breaded snacks, salads, crostini and, of course, the delicious pastas with multiple flavors. 

In the same region of Lazio we can find other wine appellations, such as Castelli Romani, where white wines are also protagonist, although we are talking, in this case, of red wines. The Castelli Romani population is so committed to the wine that makes the Grape Festival, with many varieties of wine, cellars, new vintages and tastings to accompany the wine. 

Other appellations of white wines are Colli Albani, Marino, Orvieto and Velletri. And, among the reds, we can name the wines of Torre Ercolana and Aleatico di Tuscia. 

The reds pair with pasta, pecorino cheese and the poultry from this area, which is also characteristic of Roman cuisine.

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