Digestive liquors for Christmas dinners

by Marta

The company Christmas dinner, Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve dinner, New Year’s Eve, New Year… we have ahead a few days of heavy digestions and as I am always thinking in your health I have prepared for you in advance a good range of liquors to help wash it down which will put us on the road to a deserved nap.

In my list of the best digestive liquors I will put the Spanish orujo de hierbas one first. Smooth, delicious and yellow, because I like it better than the transparent one, which is also made of herbs. If you are in Spain you can order a ?chupito de hierbas? or you can also name it ?orujo de hierbas?.

When I do not get to not finish the meal with one of these spirits from Galicia (in the North West part of Spain), I go to the other end and I order a Pedro Ximenez which is absolutely perfect accompanying desserts and it is also the best way to start the digestion with that sweet little touch that gives to us.

A little less sweet and with a sour point, we find the world famous Jägermeister that although works perfect as the culmination of a sumptuous menu, it is also a great option in other kind of situations: accompanying beers, or when at the end of the night you order ?the last one? for the road. It is also very good during lunch, if you like the typical Northern Europe meals in which, as tradition dictates, the food must be watered with beer and schnapps that go down to the tune of ” Skål “.

Coffee liquor also has its place in this collection of digestive liquors. Also, I must say that it is not only is good for drinking but also for eating as you can use to cook some scrumptious desserts. And if you don?t believe me, ask it to my guests when I feel inspired with pastry.

However, for me the coffee rises to full power when I have the chance to complement it with its perfect match: Baileys. Coffee, Baileys and lots of ice. It is impossible to drink just one. I know there are other options in this liquor market, the Mint is one of them, but I prefer the classic one.

To end this list with my proposals, I want to add some non alcoholic liquors. Flavors: every imaginable. Possibilities: many, even taking the car right after to go home or to go shopping, which is something you cannot do if in addition to the wine during the meal you have decided to end it with some of my first suggestions.

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