Digestive liqueurs that will help you after heavy meals

by Marta Burgués

Now that Christmas, New Year and Epiphany holidays are close, it’s time to celebrate family lunches and dinners which, as usual, will be abundant and long-lasting: it’s the moment to catch up with relatives that, perhaps, we see less than we would like, and the opportunity to share a table with the loved ones without the rush of everyday life.

While it is true that from Uvinum we have always recommended and will recommend moderate and responsible alcohol consumption, we must also take into account that low and average alcohol content liquors promote digestion, stimulating our gastric secretions, which is known from ages ago. Not surprisingly, the first digestive liqueurs that have survived to this day appear at monasteries and abbeys in the Middle Ages.

Today, there are people who likes to taste spirits such as whisky, orujo, grappa or brandy after a heavy meal, but for the after-dinner herbal liquors may be more desirable, generally having less alcohol content and more digestive properties. Below we give you some examples:

  • Amaretto: This almond and apricot kernels liqueur, from Saronno (Italy), includes also among its ingredients berries and herbs.
  • Benedictine: French herbal liqueur made from 27 different plants and spices. As the name suggests, it originally comes from the Benedictine Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy.
  • Cointreau: made from the distillation of different varieties of orange peels, in addition to spices. It’s also extensively used in the preparation of many cocktails.
  • Drambuie: a Scottish liqueur made with whiskey, heather honey, herbs, saffron and nutmeg, specially created for Prince Charles Stuart of England and Scotland in the eighteenth century.
  • Pacharán: a popular Spanish digestive, from Navarra, which is obtained from the maceration of sloes or blackthorns in aniseed liquor. Also known as “sloe gin”.

So, what liquor do you prefer for your after-meals?




Cointreau: a drink of the triple sec category produced in France and presents an alcohol content of 40º. 

 TAGS:Pacharán Baines Oro

Pacharán Baines Oro

Pacharán Baines Oro: a drink of the pacharán category made in Spain and with 30º of alcohol strength. 

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