Difference between Brandy and Cognac

by Alberto Martínez

brandy y coñac

Brandy and cognac are two spirits, but in addition to the obvious coincidence we find a great controversy between the similarity and its differences. Lets Know a little more of these traditional drinks and their undeniable familiarity and similarity.

Differences between Brandy and Cognac

  • Brandy is a distilled beverage made on the basis of wine. In the other hand, cognac is a type of brandy also distilled which is processed from the wine, but white grapes wine. Here is where we find its greatest difference.
  • Brandy is originally older than Cognac, although not very clear its crib, brandy got very popular in Europe in the fourteenth century, especially in France, Holland, England and Spain. On the other hand, cognac is of French origin and is named after the town of Cognac (coñac in Spanish)
  • The elaboration of of brandy and coñac are very similar, however there are some small differences witch become large when testing each drink. Among the major differences between the elaboration of brandy and cognac, of brandy is aged, which tends to be made in barrels.
  • Apart from the different strains used to prepare both beverages, there is a difference, cognac is made only with white grapes, -and brandy can be made by both strains (red and white).
  • The appellation of origin is another of the differences plain to see, remember that the cognac is unique from the French region of Cognac. The cognac made in this region obeys strict rules imposed by the BNIC (Bureau National Inter professionnel du Cognac), meaning that although the cognac is a brandy, cannot be produced outside the French borders, even if it follows the same process. This makes great confusion and controversy, because many cognacs are made outside of France, and they are called brandy just for that reason, that is a question that leads to discussion and confusion.

Perhaps the biggest difference between cognac and brandy is the taste, although there’s no need to be an expert to realize, there are several small differences in their aromas, flavours and, of course, colours. In what we all agree, is that both, brandy and and cognac are two great drinks full of history and tradition.

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