Did you know that going to the bar is good for your health?

by Luis Bobadilla

In Spain, there are more bars than any other type of establishments, and we love going to have a drink, talk and enjoy a glass of wine at these bars. Now we can say it’s justified, because a new research from Oxford University confirms that going to a bar makes us healthier and happier.

It’s actually very simple: the bar is a meeting point where we get to interact with other people, which in turn makes us feel better since face-to-face meetings are essential to maintaining friendships. This study shows that people who go to bars near where they live or work tend to have more close friends.

It is said that pubs and bars help provide a strong social network that improves happiness and health in general. The authors of the research say that making and maintaining personal and close friendships are vital, since social networks and the digital world are merely a supplement and cannot replace human contact.

Moreover, researchers at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford that released this investigation found that pubs or neighborhood bars in small towns are better than the pubs in the city or those located downtown because it’s more difficult to keep close friends.

The study also focuses on other things, it determines that a limited and moderate consumption of alcohol improves well-being and some (but not all) social skills. But beware, these skills diminish quickly as alcohol consumption increases.

Researchers define the pub or a bar as a place where attendants know the owner and other customers personally. The paper states that a pub or bar offer a social environment to enjoy a drink with friends in a responsible community. They even encourage people to have a localized bar near to where they live or work.

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