Cosmopolitan: about cocktails

by Marta Burgués

 TAGS:We start a series of articles devoted to various cocktails from around the world. From gin and tonic to bloody mary to the latest cocktails. It appears that such combinations don’t go out of style and are more alive than ever. To begin with… fancy a cosmopolitan? 

The poshest drink, preferred by Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the TV show Sex and the City, a character portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, it does not know about trends, and survives the passing years. Madonna also made it famous in the 90s, drinking one in a bar, attracting the interest of many fans who were asking what drink it was. Regarded as a classic, the Cosmopolitan mixes up vodka, Cointreau or other liqueur with cranberry juice and lime juice, but it allows other variations. 

With these ingredients, the flavor is dry and strong because of the vodka and a bit sweet and sour thanks to the fruits. The variations of this cocktail are the Barbados Cosmopolitan, with rum as a substitute of vodka, or the Cosmopolitan Morning with flavored vodka and coffee. The trick is knowing how to combine all these ingredients with ice, shake them and serve in a rather chilly glass. 

Although different people are attributed as the creators of the colloquially named ‘Cosmo’, the bartender Cheryl Cook, from Florida, invented the recipe in the mid 80s. Then it was made with vodka, triple sec, lime drops, and some cranberry juice. 

The truth is that it’s a cocktail very easy to make, 100% American and offering sweetish flavors. It is perfect as an aperitif before dinner, so New Yorkers usually do that on weekends, or after a dinner to share with friends. In the United States it’s very popular and is said to be an aphrodisiac, so is consumed preferably among 30-35 years old women. 

What vodka do you prefer for your cosmopolitan? We recommend:

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