Columbia Valley Wines, genuine american flavor

by Alberto Martínez

Columbia Valley

Do you know Columbia Valley Wine? Even though it’s not as popular as California wines, there´s more and more people who feels attracted by them.

This American region, located in the Columbia River plateau in Washington, offers spectacular vineyards on its more than 11.000.000 acres. 

It´s therefore, a great region dedicated to wine, that offers a pleasant and soft weather suitable to produce all kinds of White wines and a great variety of red wines.

They´re are tasty and well bodied wines, made out of a large variety of grapes, among the most noteworthy to mention are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon y Sauvugnon Blanc. White wines served very cold are excellent and delight us with a new kind of fruity tastes. Red wines are very stout and reveal smoky aromas and berries.

Meet some wines from this region:

  • Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Vineyard Merlot 2006: It´s a Merlot grape wine that you can combine really well with the tastiest meat. This wine succeeds in the United States and outside because wine exportation is becoming more and more usual nowadays.
  • Château Ste. Michelle Eroica Riesling 2008: A White wine that calls our attention both from the inside and the outside. As the name says, It’s made with Riesling grapes, quite common in this region, and gives off strong fruity flavors. Ideal to drink with salads, pasta or the most valued fish. The design of the bottle is a plus, with an elegant and fine design, that offers a modern touch.
  • Hogue Genesis Syrah 2007. It´s a Young red wine, elaborated by The Hogue Cellars winery. With body and personality, the Syrah grapes give it a touch of ripen fruits and fruit from the woods. The bottles design doesn’t leave us indifferent, where besides the Genesis big letters there´s a very significant vine drawing.

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