Color and sound, important when tasting


In the same way that traditional theories about flavours are being overtaken by new findings showing that gustatory variety is much larger than the common belief told so far, a recent experiment provides the basis of a whole wide range of possibilities regarding the factors that influence the wine tasting.

According to the study, conducted under the Streets of Spain festival, held at London’s South Bank and organized by Campo Viejo winery, color and sound also affect our perception of the taste of wine. With almost 3,000 participants, making this experiment one of the most massive that have been held to date, the results reveal that taste perception is altered by up to 10% by the changes of color and sound in the environment of the place where the wine tasting is performed.

Professor Charles Spence, a cognitive neuroscientist and professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, who led the experience, organized a tour, called Campo Viejo Color Lab, in which each participant was given a glass of wine according to his or her preference, in a glass of neutral black color. During the experiment, subjects were exposed to a selection of sounds and colors that, according to the findings of Spence, strongly influence taste perception of the wine.

Specifically, the enjoyment of the participants appear to increase significantly with red light and soft music; while green light and ?rough? music increases the freshness but reduce the perceived intensity of the wine. Limited exposure to red light, without music, evokes fruity notes, and green light alone brings freshness. Definitely surprising results that although may seem anecdotal, could be widely applied in the coming years in areas such as decoration and interior design of restaurants, bars and hotels.

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