Cocktails: What will the trends be in 2021?

by Karin Mosca
Cocktails: What will the trends be in 2021? - Drinks&Co

The year 2021 has only just begun, but we can already make a prediction as to what cocktails will trend over the next twelve months. Has the pandemic changed our drinking habits? Very likely! Let’s not wait any longer and find out what trends are waiting for us!

Canned Cocktails

Canned cocktails have emerged as a trend already in 2020. These ready-to-drink cocktails, perfect for consumption at home (just like a take-away pizza), proved to be the favourite of consumers aged 18 to 30 last year. Certainly, the social distancing imposed by the pandemic has been an impulse for this type of drink.

Low Alcohol Cocktails

In recent years, nutrition has changed a great deal. Young people in particular prefer healthy food and balanced meals, which are better suited to a healthy lifestyle. The same trend can be seen in drinking, where ‘stronger’ drinks have been replaced by low-alcohol (or even non-alcoholic) cocktails.

Hard Seltzer Cocktails: a trend in 2021 - Drinks&Co

Hard Seltzer Cocktails

To stay more or less on the same “body care” theme, another trend for 2021 will be Hard Seltzer Cocktails, i.e. drinks whose ingredients are carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavours. These are low-alcohol drinks with a low sugar and calorie content, suitable for different times of the day.

Tropical Cocktails

Back to normal – that’s everyone’s hope for 2021. And what could be better than a colourful drink that tastes like summer and carefree living? Get ready for the return of the Piña Colada and Blue Hawaiian!

Elevated Cocktails

Take butter, sage, bacon and mushrooms. No, these are not ingredients for a recipe to eat. They are the ingredients for a recipe… to drink! Elevated Cocktails, in fact, are very complex and elaborate drinks which mix unusual elements that we are not used to seeing served in a glass! For example, did you know that there are also cannabis-based drinks?

Low-alcohol Cocktails: a trend in 2021 - Drinks&Co

Ethical Cocktails

More and more attention is being paid to environmental sustainability, even at the bar. This is why ethical drinks, made with eco-friendly and local ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, are becoming increasingly popular. Among the large producers of spirits, the favourites will be those that limit waste and base production and distribution on sustainable principles.

Vintage cocktails

Vintage has been fashionable for a few years now. In the world of Mixology, there will be a return to tradition and to those drinks of the past that have now been forgotten. However, with a modern twist!

Wine, whisky and tequila cocktails

Wine, whisky and tequila will be the bartenders’ favourite ingredients this year. Could the age of gin be over?

 TAGS:San Marzano Il Pumo Salice Salentino 2017

San Marzano Il Pumo Salice Salentino 2017

The Pumo Salice Salentino 2017 by San Marzano is an intense wine, with hints of cherry, plum, spices and Mediterranean herbs. Although it has a robust body, it is particularly fresh.

 TAGS:El Jimador Blanco

El Jimador Blanco

Crafted and bottled in the Casa Herradura estate in Jalisco, El Jimador makes authentic Mexican tequilas that are 100% natural.



Jameson is an Irish Whisky produced in Ireland since 1780, processed and aged at the Jameson Distillery of Midleton. More than 200 years of history, but the distillery still follows the family motto “Sine Metu” – without fear – and the same identical recipe to produce its whiskey.

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