Cocktail pairings

by Marta Burgués

We can not deny that the world of cocktails is expanding. New flavours appear each day so that we not only drink them as an aperitif or a simple digestive but also when having a meal. Thus, cocktail pairings are strongly in trend at bars and restaurants.

The union between bartender and chef

With this pairing, we discover a new way of working in the kitchen, in which both chef and bartender connect, merge and launch fantastic creations. Both work hand in hand to complement ingredients and textures, each in their own knowledge area. This makes them mutually enriching and the result of their fusion brings new experiences to diners.

Pure craftsmanship

Cocktail pairings are usually quite similar to wine and food pairings. But they differ because they are much more creative and artisan and usually the alcohol content of the cocktails is higher. The bartender is usually a great innovator who transforms and experiments to find the right flavour: the one that best pairs with the right food.

Types of cocktails and meals

Nevertheless, we must take into account a series of recommendations when it comes to pairing food with cocktails. For example, when a combination has too much alcohol then it is better for food to be also powerful and strong, and also of slower digestion. Dry cocktails pair better instead with foods with proteins and fats.

Some cocktail pairings

In Barcelona, ​​the restaurant The Alchemix unites both worlds, thanks to the wisdom of chef Sergi Palacín and bartender Ignacio Ussía, who together create a menu of cocktails and food from Asia and the Mediterranean. They propose a mix between gastronomy and cocktails for an after-work, such as the foie temaki in ice cream cone with nori seaweed with foie mousse and alcohol macerated with amaretto. They have many more proposals.

Another classic cocktail that stands out in this pairing matter is the margarita, which in its country of origin, Mexico, usually accompanies Mexican meals. It brings a great balance to spicy and strong food.

Another example is the Dry Martini, which in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel of Barcelona is paired with special sauces or cheeses, and there is also the rum infused with chocolate.

Cocktails should be consumed in moderation, always choosing the best for each type of food and with an alcohol content as low as possible.

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